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for KING & COUNTRY Coffee


COFFEE LOVERS! Who would like to get their day started with some for KING & COUNTRY branded brew? Luke’s father-in-law roasts coffee and we partnered with him to make an exclusive for KING & COUNTRY roast. Pick up a coffee bundle for you and/or a loved one!

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.


  • Origin: Honduras, San Miguel
  • Roast: Medium-Dark
  • Region:  San Miguel, Marcela, La Paz
  • Altitude: 1,250-1,700 meters

  • Genetic Variety: Bourbon, Catarrh, Typica

  • Cupping Notes: Toffee, Citrus, Red Fruits, Silky Body (Medium-Dark)
  • Certifications:  Organic, Fair Trade, SHG (Strictly High Grown), EP (European Preparation)
  • Volume per Unit: 12 ounces


This coffee has been sourced directly from 47 families in San Miguel, Honduras, an obscure village deep in the Copan mountain range surrounded by pre-Columbian, Mayan ruins. The ancient volcanic soils are known to produce some of the finest Arabica coffees in the world. 

These beans are genetic heirlooms, dating back to the 1700’s. Strict adherence to organic methods have made the limited produce a premium. This coffee is handpicked, wet processed, sun dried, and dry milled representing the 47 families committed to producing this world-class coffee. Small batch, craft roasted brings out the best natural sweetness and java goodness.

Every 12 oz bag of coffee provides 5-7 meals for our farm families while giving an unforgettable coffee experience. 

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